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Tue, Nov 29, 2022

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Oct 7
Grateful Dead at CoreStates Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grateful Dead Fall Tour 1994
NOTE: The Grateful Dead's 50th show in this building. A banner was hung from the rafters to commemorate the occasion.
Set 1:
  1. Feel Like a Stranger
  2. Sugaree (Jerry Garcia Cover)
  3. The Same Thing (Willie Dixon Cover)
  4. Brown-Eyed Women
  5. El Paso (Marty Robbins Cover)
  6. Tennessee Jed
  7. The Music Never Stopped
Set 2:
  1. Victim or the Crime
  2. Samba in the Rain
  3. Foolish Heart
  4. Corrina
  5. Drums
  6. Space
  7. The Last Time (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  8. That Would Be Something (Paul McCartney Cover)
  9. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson Cover)
  1. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry Cover)