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Fri, Feb 26, 2021

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Jan 24
Living Colour at Praça da Apoteose in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Living Colour
  1. New Jack Theme
  2. Middle Man
  3. Funny Vibe
  4. Glamour Boys
  5. Time's Up
  6. Pride (Snippet of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power")
  7. Open Letter (To a Landlord)
  8. Shattered (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  9. Love Rears Its Ugly Head
  10. Desperate People
  11. Elvis Is Dead
  12. Type
  13. Cult of Personality
  1. Rebel Rebel (with Reggae interlude) (David Bowie Cover)
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash Cover)
  3. Drum Solo
  4. Solace of You