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Sat, Mar 2, 2024

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Aug 22
Payolas, Supertramp at Grandstand at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, ON, Canada
Payolas No Tour Assigned
no setlist available
Supertramp Famous Last Tour
  1. Crazy
  2. Ain't Nobody but Me
  3. Breakfast in America
  4. Bloody Well Right
  5. It's Raining Again
  6. Put on Your Old Brown Shoes
  7. Hide in Your Shell
  8. Waiting So Long
  9. From Now On
  10. Give a Little Bit
  11. The Logical Song (stopped for 20 min. due to power outage)
  12. Goodbye Stranger
  13. Dreamer
  14. Rudy
  15. Don't Leave Me Now
  16. Fool's Overture
  17. School
  18. Crime of the Century