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Wed, Dec 8, 2021

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Jun 25
Voivod at Centre Culturel in Jonquière, QC, Canada
NOTE: First show; recorded for the live tape "Anachronism"
  1. Voivod
  2. Black Metal (Venom Cover)
  3. Struck by Lightning (Tank Cover)
  4. Eye of the Storm (Sweet Savage Cover)
  5. Angel Dust (Venom Cover)
  6. Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover)
  7. Witching Hour (Venom Cover)
  8. Chainsaw (Raven Cover)
  9. Condemned to the Gallows
  10. Rapid Fire (Judas Priest Cover)
  11. Heart of Stone
  12. Leave Me in Hell (Venom Cover)
  13. Treason (A·Ⅱ·Z Cover)
  14. Killing Time (Sweet Savage Cover)
  15. Stay Clean (Motörhead Cover)
  16. Welcome to Hell (Venom Cover)
  17. Blower
  18. Steeler (Judas Priest Cover)
  19. Gunslinger (Budgie Cover)
  20. Stone Dead Forever (Motörhead Cover)
  21. Voivod
  22. Anomalies