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Sun, Jul 21, 2024

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May 19
Patti Smith Group at Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA, USA
Patti Smith Group Easter
  1. Rock n Roll Nigger
  2. Privilege (Set Me Free)
  3. Till Victory
  4. Kimberly (Patti Smith Cover)
  5. Space Monkey
  6. The Kids Are Alright (The Who Cover)
  7. 25th Floor
  8. Ghost Dance
  9. Be My Baby (Ellie Greenwich Cover)
  10. It's So Hard (John Lennon Cover)
  11. Ain't It Strange
  12. You Really Got Me (The Kinks Cover)
  13. Pumping (My Heart)
  14. Because the Night
  15. You Light Up My Life (Joseph Brooks Cover)
  16. Easter / Radio Ethiopia / Abyssinia
  17. Gloria (Them Cover)
  18. Ask the Angels
  19. My Generation (The Who Cover)