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Mon, Mar 8, 2021

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Feb 23
Frank Zappa at Halle Münsterland in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Frank Zappa 1978 European Tour
  1. Intro (excerpts from "Knick Knack People" (through PA system) and "The Purple Lagoon" theme)
  2. Dancin' Fool
  3. Peaches en Regalia
  4. The Torture Never Stops
  5. Tryin' to Grow a Chin
  6. City of Tiny Lites
  7. Baby Snakes
  8. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus (The Mothers of Invention Cover)
  9. Is That Guy Kidding or What?
  10. I Have Been in You
  11. Flakes
  12. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
  13. King Kong (The Mothers of Invention Cover)
  14. Wild Love
  15. Yo' Mama
  16. Disco Boy