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Sun, Oct 2, 2022

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Nov 19
Starcastle, Utopia at Eisenhower Hall Theatre in West Point, NY, USA
Starcastle No Tour Assigned
  1. Shine on Brightly
  2. Forces
  3. Can't Think Twice
  4. Change in Time
  5. Evening Wind
  6. Lady of the Lake
  7. Breath and Thunder
Utopia Oops! Wrong Planet
  1. Trapped
  2. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  3. Abandon City
  4. Love of the Common Man (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  5. Back on the Street
  6. Black and White (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  7. Crazy Lady Blue
  8. Love in Action
  9. The Death of Rock and Roll (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  10. Overture: Mountaintop and Sunrise
  11. Communion With the Sun
  12. When the Shit Hits the Fan (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  13. Le Feel Internacionale (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  14. The Last Ride (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  15. Gangrene
  16. The Seven Rays
  17. Heavy Metal Kids (Todd Rundgren Cover)
  18. Singring and the Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale)
  1. Couldn't I Just Tell You (Todd Rundgren Cover)