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[WikiPedia] Tiles is an American progressive rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Tiles have released several albums on Inside Out Music and toured internationally since the release of their first album in 1994. Tiles formed in 1993 and released a self-titled full-length album the following year. This album was an international success, winning notice in Europe and Japan, and the group signed with Inside Out Music, releasing a second album, Fence the Clear, in 1997. Following the release of their third album, Presents of Mind, in 1999, the group toured Europe as the opening act for Dream Theater.Window Dressing, the band's fourth album, followed in 2004, and the 2008 release Fly Paper included guitar work by Rush's Alex Lifeson. The band's first live album, Off the Floor 01, was released in 2012. Off the Floor 02 was released June 3, 2014 in a limited edition format which includes a bonus disc from the band's 2005 appearance at the Rites of Spring Festival. Tiles' sixth studio album is in progress.