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Tue, Jan 26, 2021

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Nov 23
Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace at McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, TN, USA
Five Finger Death Punch Never Ending Tour
  1. Lift Me Up
  2. Trouble
  3. Wash It All Away
  4. Jekyll and Hyde
  5. Sham Pain
  6. Bad Company (Bad Company Cover)
  7. No One Gets Left Behind
  8. Got Your Six
  9. Wrong Side of Heaven (Acoustic)
  10. Battle Born (Acoustic)
  11. Blue on Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd Cover)
  12. Coming Down
  13. Never Enough
  14. Burn MF (Drum Solo)
  1. Under and Over It
  2. Far From Home
  3. The Bleeding
  4. The House of the Rising Sun ([traditional] Cover)
Three Days Grace Outsider
NOTE: Opener for Five Finger Death Punch
  1. The Mountain
  2. Home
  3. The Good Life
  4. Painkiller
  5. Break
  6. Pain
  7. I Hate Everything About You
  8. Animal I Have Become (With Snippit of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes)
  9. Never Too Late
  10. Riot