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Sat, Nov 28, 2020

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Sep 28
Enter Shikari at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Enter Shikari Stop the Clocks Tour
NOTE: Show recorded and released on YouTube by Kerrang
  1. Intro (Grace Meinzer's speech at the September climate strike in Austin, Texas)
  2. The Appeal & the Mindsweep I (Tour debut)
  3. Destabilise
  4. Sssnakepit
  5. Quelle Surprise
  6. Take My Country Back
  7. Arguing With Thermometers
  8. Slipshod
  9. Anaesthetist
  10. Rabble Rouser
  11. Juggernauts
  12. There's a Price on Your Head
  13. Mothership
  14. Stop the Clocks
Quickfire Round
  1. Sorry, You're Not a Winner
  2. No Sleep Tonight (2019 mix)
  3. The Last Garrison
  4. ...Meltdown
  1. Live Outside (Crowd invaded the stage throughout the song)
  2. The Embers