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Thu, Jun 4, 2020

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Jun 22
Lynch Mob at The Brass Monkey in Ottawa, ON, Canada
Lynch Mob The Brotherhood
  1. Blood Drive / She's Evil but She's Mine
  2. River of Love
  3. When Heaven Comes Down (Dokken Cover)
  4. Sweet Sister Mercy
  5. It's Not Love (Dokken Cover)
  6. Testify
  7. Believers of the Day
  8. The Hunter (Dokken Cover)
  9. Mr. Scary (Dokken Cover)
  10. Voodoo Chile (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Cover)
  11. Into the Fire (Dokken Cover)
  12. Tooth and Nail (Dokken Cover)
  1. Wicked Sensation (with a bridge of "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)")