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Thu, Apr 9, 2020

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May 25
Against Me!, Chevy Metal at Napa Valley Expo in Napa, CA, USA
Against Me!
  1. True Trans Soul Rebel
  2. White Crosses
  3. Dead Friend
  4. Haunting, Haunted, Haunts
  5. Walking Is Still Honest
  6. FuckMyLife666
  7. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
  8. Unconditional Love
  9. New Wave
  10. Cliché Guevara
  11. White People for Peace
  12. I Was a Teenage Anarchist
  13. Sink, Florida, Sink
  14. Black Me Out
Chevy Metal
  1. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen Cover)
  2. You Really Got Me (The Kinks Cover)
  3. Psycho Killer (Talking Heads Cover)
  4. My Sharona (The Knack Cover)
  5. Panama (Van Halen Cover)
  6. Everybody Wants Some!! (Van Halen Cover)
  7. Stay With Me (Faces Cover)
  8. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie Cover)
  9. Under Pressure (Queen Cover)
  10. Looks That Kill (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  11. Live Wire (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  12. Dragon Attack (Queen Cover)
  13. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC Cover)