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Tue, Sep 17, 2019

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Apr 19
Angel, Starz at Fish Head Cantina in Halethorpe, MD, USA
Angel No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Featuring Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino
  1. On the Rocks
  2. Mirrors
  3. Can You Feel It
  4. Wild and Hot
  5. Bad Time
  6. Cast the First Stone
  7. The Fortune
  8. Broken Dreams
  9. Don't Leave Me Lonely
  10. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (The Young Rascals Cover)
  11. All the Young Dudes (David Bowie Cover)
  12. Got Love If You Want It
  13. White Lightning
  14. Anyway You Want It
  15. Feelin' Right
  16. Rock & Rollers
  1. Tower
Starz No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Opening act for Angel
  1. Live Wire
  2. Tear It Down
  3. (She's Just a) Fallen Angel
  4. Subway Terror
  5. Pull the Plug
  6. Night Crawler
  7. Detroit Girls
  8. Cherry Baby
  9. Coliseum Rock
  10. It's a Riot