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Mon, Sep 28, 2020

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Dec 10
Steve Hackett at Arcada Theatre in Saint Charles, IL, USA
Steve Hackett Acolyte to Wolflight
  1. Corycian Fire (intro only)
Set 1 (Solo material set):
  1. Spectral Mornings
  2. Out of the Body
  3. Wolflight (followed by band introductions)
  4. Every Day
  5. Love Song to a Vampire
  6. The Wheel's Turning
  7. Loving Sea (Steve on 12 string acoustic)
  8. Icarus Ascending
  9. Star of Sirius
  10. Ace of Wands
  11. A Tower Struck Down
  12. Shadow of the Hierophant
Set 2 (Genesis set):
  1. Get 'em Out by Friday (Genesis Cover)
  2. Can-Utility and the Coastliners (Genesis Cover)
  3. After the Ordeal (Genesis Cover)
  4. The Cinema Show (Genesis Cover)
  5. Aisle of Plenty (Genesis Cover)
  6. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis Cover)
  7. The Musical Box (followed by band introductions) (Genesis Cover)
  1. Clocks - The Angel of Mons (with drum solo)
  2. Firth of Fifth (Genesis Cover)