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Sat, Nov 28, 2020

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Oct 31
At the Gates at Manning Bar, University of Sydney in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
At the Gates No Tour Assigned
  1. El altar del Dios desconocido
  2. Death and the Labyrinth
  3. Slaughter of the Soul
  4. Cold
  5. At War With Reality
  6. The Swarm
  7. Raped by the Light of Christ
  8. The Circular Ruins
  9. Under a Serpent Sun
  10. Windows
  11. City of Mirrors
  12. Suicide Nation
  13. Heroes and Tombs
  14. Nausea
  15. Eater of Gods
  16. World of Lies
  17. The Burning Darkness
  18. The Book of Sand (The Abomination)
  1. Blinded by Fear
  2. Kingdom Gone
  3. The Night Eternal