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Sun, Aug 9, 2020

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May 23
Papa Roach at José Cuervo Salón in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Papa Roach Viva La Cucaracha
  1. Between Angels and Insects
  2. Where Did the Angels Go?
  3. Blood Brothers
  4. Give Me Back My Life
  5. Forever
  6. Broken Home
  7. Burn
  8. Silence Is the Enemy
  9. Born With Nothing, Die With Everything (With Infest snippet)
  10. Engage
  11. Still Swingin'
  12. Scars (first two chorus in spanish Heridas/Cicatrices version)
  13. Lifeline
  14. ...To Be Loved (With Blitzkrieg Bop cover of The Ramones intro)
  15. Getting Away With Murder
  1. Dead Cell
  2. Last Resort