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Mon, Dec 16, 2019

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Aug 14
Procol Harum, Yes at San Jose Civic Auditorium in San Jose, CA, USA
Procol Harum North American Tour 2012
  1. Wall Street Blues
  2. As Strong as Samson
  3. Pandora's Box
  4. Homburg
  5. An Old English Dream
  6. A Salty Dog
  7. Simple Sister
  8. Barnyard Story
  9. A Whiter Shade of Pale
  1. Conquistador
Yes Fly From Here
  1. Yours Is No Disgrace
  2. Tempus Fugit
  3. I've Seen All Good People
  4. America (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)
  5. Cantata No. 140 (Wachet Auf) (Johann Sebastian Bach Cover)
  6. In the Course of the Day (Steve Howe Cover)
  7. Leaves of Green (Steve Howe, Jon Davidson)
  8. Fly From Here: Overture
  9. Fly From Here, Part I: We Can Fly
  10. Fly From Here, Part II: Sad Night at the Airfield
  11. Fly From Here, Part III: Madman at the Screens
  12. Fly From Here, Part IV: Bumpy Ride
  13. Fly From Here, Part V: We Can Fly (Reprise)
  14. Wonderous Stories
  15. Heart of the Sunrise
  16. Awaken
  1. Roundabout