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Sun, May 27, 2018

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Apr 21
Counting Crows at State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Counting Crows Underwater Sunshine
  1. Recovering the Satellites
  2. Perfect Blue Buildings
  3. I Wish I Was a Girl
  4. Hospital (Coby Brown Cover)
  5. Mercy
  6. Meet on the Ledge (Fairport Convention Cover)
  7. Round Here
  8. Untitled (Love Song) (The Romany Rye Cover)
  9. Sundays
  10. Monkey
  11. Like Teenage Gravity (Kasey Anderson Cover)
  12. The Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star Cover)
  13. Hard Candy
  14. Return of the Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons Cover)
  15. A Long December
  16. Come Around
  1. Hanginaround
  2. Holiday in Spain