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Sun, Sep 27, 2020

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Aug 5
Jon Anderson at Arcada Theatre in Saint Charles, IL, USA
Jon Anderson No Tour Assigned
  1. Intro
  2. Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes Cover)
  3. Sweet Dreams (Yes Cover)
  4. Long Distance Runaround (Yes Cover)
  5. Time and a Word (Yes Cover)
  6. Under Heaven's Door (Never Ever) (False start)
  7. Under Heaven's Door (Never Ever)
  8. Flight of the Moorglade
  9. I'll Find My Way Home (Jon and Vangelis Cover)
  10. Starship Trooper (Yes Cover)
  11. Unbroken Spirit
  12. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes Cover)
  13. Piano Medley
  14. The Light of Love
  15. And You and I (Yes Cover)
  16. Wonderous Stories (Yes Cover)
  17. Tony and Me
  18. Turn of the Century (Yes Cover)
  19. Show Me (Yes Cover)
  20. To the Runner
  21. I've Seen All Good People (Yes Cover)
  22. Roundabout (Yes Cover)
  1. State of Independence (Jon and Vangelis Cover)
  2. Soon (Yes Cover)