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Tue, Jul 5, 2022

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Mar 11
Kings of Leon at Al Dana Amphitheatre in Bahrain, Bahrain (general), Bahrain
Kings of Leon When You See Yourself
NOTE: When You See Yourself tour and stage theme continues into their second concert of 2022 with the same stage backdrop as 2021, Full set list is now complete and officially confirmed. As expected, Supermarket snippet is played with a transtion into Southbound.
  1. Crawl
  2. Taper Jean Girl
  3. The Bucket
  4. The Bandit
  5. Revelry
  6. Manhattan
  7. Time in Disguise
  8. Radioactive
  9. Find Me
  10. On Call
  11. Arizona
  12. Pyro
  13. Closer
  14. King of the Rodeo
  15. Echoing
  16. Pickup Truck
  17. Knocked Up
  18. Fans
  19. Sex on Fire
  1. Supermarket
  2. Back Down South
  3. Waste a Moment
  4. Use Somebody