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Sat, Jan 22, 2022

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Mar 11
Kip Winger at Factory Floor in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Kip Winger I’ll Be Down Tour 2020
  1. Cross
  2. Easy Come Easy Go (Winger Cover)
  3. Who's the One (Winger Cover)
  4. Can't Get Enuff (Winger Cover)
  5. Hungry (Winger Cover)
  6. Ever Wonder (Winger Cover)
  7. Rainbow in the Rose (Winger Cover)
  8. Free
  9. Spell I'm Under (Winger Cover)
  10. Miles Away (Winger Cover)
  11. Pages and Pages
  12. Where Will You Go
  13. A Requiem for Nothing
  14. Headed for a Heartbreak (Winger Cover)
  15. Nothing
  16. Down Incognito (Winger Cover)
  17. Madalaine (Winger Cover)
  18. Seventeen (Winger Cover)
  1. Blind Revolution Mad (Winger Cover)