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Tue, Jul 5, 2022

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Apr 11
John Mellencamp at Heritage Theatre in Saginaw, MI, USA
John Mellencamp The John Mellencamp Show
  1. Intro (25 minute Pre-show Biography Movie)
  2. Lawless Times
  3. Troubled Land
  4. Minutes to Memories
  5. Small Town
  6. Long Gone (From the Bowlin' Green) (No backing from band, sung by John and the crowd) (William Christopher Handy Cover)
  7. Stones in My Passway (Robert Johnson Cover)
  8. We Are the People
  9. Lonely Ol' Night
  10. Check It Out
  11. Longest Days
  12. Jack & Diane (Acoustic with just John on guitar)
  13. Easy Target
  14. Overture (Instrumental with violinist and accordionist)
  15. Rain on the Scarecrow
  16. Paper in Fire
  17. Crumblin' Down (With Drum Solo)
  18. Authority Song / Land of 1000 Dances
  19. Pink Houses
  20. Cherry Bomb
  21. Long Gone (From the Bowlin' Green) (reprise) (William Christopher Handy Cover)