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Sun, Jul 25, 2021

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Nov 1
Heavy Metal Kids at Sala Paul in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain
Heavy Metal Kids No Tour Assigned
  1. Hangin' On (Heavy Metal Kids, 1974)
  2. Blow It All Away (Hit The Right Button, 2003)
  3. Hit The Right Button (Hit The Right Button, 2003)
  4. Chelsea Kids (Kitsch, 1977)
  5. A Hundred Skeletons (Hit The Right Button, 2003)
  6. You Got Me Rollin' (Anvil Chorus, 1975)
  7. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw (Rose Tattoo Cover)
  8. Marseilles (The Angels Cover)
  9. The Big Fire (Anvil Chorus, 1975)
  10. She's No Angel (Kitsch, 1977)
  11. Rock Candy (with Justin singing a cappella Iron Maiden's "Two minutes to midnight" chorus at the end) (Ronnie Montrose Cover)
  12. We Gotta Go (Heavy Metal Kids, 1974)